Art market: why is it profitable?

The advantage of art lies in the combination of very attractive returns and low taxation. Like gold, there is no tax on the possession of art. During the resale process, social security deductions and taxes come in. Investing in art can promote the development of artists, protect their works and make them famous, which is a responsible investment method.

The art market is now available to everyone

In addition to the opportunity to develop the pleasure offered in the world of beauty and aesthetics of prototypes, art lovers can now make interesting deals in the field of their choice. Professional investors can make large-scale financial transactions when investing in art. More and more people are seizing the emerging opportunities brought by the profitability of the art market. With the advent of the Internet and social networking, information can flow freely, and access to art market data long reserved for experts and the wealthy is no longer an issue.

Why invest in the art market?

This is a major difference that has caught the attention of financial experts: in the face of declining returns on many products offered on the stock market, buying art is a very attractive choice for capital gains and asset diversification. The art market is completely separated from the turmoil of the financial market and will not be affected in any way during the stock market crisis, which has been the case on several occasions in recent years. The value of the work depends on the prestige of the artist and the reputation of his creation! This is why the risk of investing in art is much lower than the price of the deposit or the coal.

Revaluing works of art

Today, there are beautiful works of art by real artists for almost any budget. Due to the high medium- and long-term profitability of the art market, artworks are becoming increasingly popular with investors. In recent years, they have mainly been seen as positive impact investments. If you are inexperienced, you can also make progress in determining the level of emerging artists and their works, which is very profitable, in order to predict the most favourable time to sell the property. You can learn how to invest in the art market.
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