Guide to antique clock values, types & consignment

antique clock values

Antique clocks are among the most popular and valuable collectable items that still make collectors from this era keep searching for them even though today’s new technology and mechanical advancements are on the rise of making new developments. The art of making clock designs in the past was a recognized skill since the clocks made were highly precise and elaborate compared to what is made today. And due to these reasons, antique clocks have become a valuable consigned item in the antique market with most people searching for them. In this article, you will receive more details about antique clocks, types, values and consignments.

Antique watch values

Many antique collectors collect their items mainly for craftsmanship, beauty, background history and their significance to the scientific world. However, many buyers place their value on the inner workings of the clock or the attractive decorations. Over the past years many styles and makers of these clocks have grown resulting in an unknown value of clocks because most prices vary. To be completely sure of the value of your antique watch then you must ensure it is evaluated by a professional. At all specialists are equipped with knowledge of antique watches and will sure provide accurate values and estimations when auctioned.

Types of antique watches

Antique Mantel clocks

Over the past years, antique mantel clocks have gained fame from all other clocks and made their demand high. This clock is less costly making it affordable to most users who are also the majority of the population contributing to its demands. The first-ever made mantle clock originated from France around the year 1760 by a regency bracket clocks. With that basis, the old mantle clocks tend to look like the bracket clock but small in general. They were later followed by the English mantle clock 10 years later with clockmaker Eli Terry leading the mass production of mantle clocks in the early century. Antique mantle clocks are made from a combination of wood, porcelain and ormolu and in addition, it includes decorative timepieces. Movement is mainly based on either wood or brass and might run from 30 hours to 8 days. Many users often place them on mantle pieces but you can also put them on a shelf.

Antique Wall clocks

Antique wall clocks are clock types designed to be mounted on the walls as their name suggests. It not only represents the largest group of antique watches but it also originates from the oldest forms clock that was designed specifically for use at home. The first wall clock was designed in England in the late 1700s portrayed as a round clock. Then the vintage wall clocks came in the 18th century designed by the French cartel clocks. They were then replaced by more incredible escarpments requiring a long pendulum and as a result, the cases were made longer to fit them, by the end of that era, the Americans had already started producing wall clocks in high numbers. Antique wall clocks were in high demand in the past since many people believed that they were made from the best quality mainly because it is handmade. This cannot be doubted because it is evident that you have seen an old wall clock perfectly functioning despite being old.

Antique Mystery clocks

These clocks are very rare to find antique clock collectors searching for them through their timepieces. These are clocks filled with puzzles and is mostly known as an “impossible clock” because when you see it, at first sight, you’ll probably think it’s not working bearing in mind that there isn’t any connection between the hands and the mechanism. The reason for puzzles is that the design of the method of how it operates is difficult and hidden to recognize. Their hand clock is mostly enclosed inside a clear substance that appears to have to connect with its mechanism.

consigning your antique clock

Whether you need to sell your grandfather’s clock or maybe your collection, look for the best place with in-depth knowledge of the market helping you get the highest value for your clock. has got you covered, treating each consignment separately while with you on every step of the process undergoing. They also offer the best industry rates which will minimize your expense while maximizing the potential of your sales.

Final thoughts

Antique watches are very valued by many collectors due to their high-demands in the antique market. For you to receive the best value for your clock you need to search for highly rated areas with skilled enough market knowledge. The above link is the perfect landing place for all your needs as they work hard to accommodate and ensure a smooth consignment. They also do pick-ups in cases where the clock is too heavy and very difficult to move.

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