Bernard Buffet and the sad clowns

Sad clowns with pointy hats, a kind of work which Bernard Buffet is fond of.  You see sad clowns’ heads in Bernard Buffet’s paintings. He is a great expressionist artist who gets excited about clownish representations. During his lifetime he…

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Pierre Cornu, the artist fascinated by women

Painting is an art that lives through time and seasons. Pierre Cornu has been able to exploit his talents as a painter throughout his life by animating his passion for women. His works frequently display women in all their colours…

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The animal sculpture by Damien Colcombet

Nowadays, you can easily find different goods and services by opting for modern search methods. By prioritising online sites, you can access several results with one click and sort through them to find the services that perfectly suit your preferences…

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Do you know the gigantic works of Jeff Koons?

Jeffrey Koons, an American visual artist and sculptor of neo-pop kitsch style, is known for his famous and incredible works. He arrived in the art world in the 1970s. Who is Jeff Koons? Jeffrey Koons was born in Pennsylvania. After…

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Focus on the rise of the artist Bansky

Nowadays, artworks and online goods are becoming more and more accessible to the general public thanks to different virtual exhibitions and sales platforms as well as modern search technologies. You can also discover different trends in contemporary art or other…

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