Pierre Cornu, the artist fascinated by women

Painting is an art that lives through time and seasons. Pierre Cornu has been able to exploit his talents as a painter throughout his life by animating his passion for women. His works frequently display women in all their colours and aspects. Who is this 20th century female enthusiast really?

The origins of the great 20th century painter of women

The painter Pierre Cornu is one of those artists who have lived through an entire century during his lifetime. Indeed, he experienced almost 101 years of happiness, being born in 1895 and leaving this world in 1996. Pierre Cornu's works reflect the fulfilled life of this artist. Although he came from a modest family, this did not prevent him from taking up painting. Pierre Cornu the painter should have been named so since his birth, as he was born to be a painter. Indeed, the plastic arts aroused Cornu's curiosity during his youth and propelled him into his career. The artist fascinated by women was guided by Othon Friesz at the École Nationale des Beaux-arts during his apprenticeship.

A brilliant career as an artist

Pierre Cornu's career would have been even more successful if he had not taken the easy way out in his creations. The popularity of his works certainly gave the artist too much confidence. His fame, especially among women, was not affected by this. His works have been shown in museums and exhibition halls in several powerful countries. In addition to his exhibitions in France, Pierre Cornus' works dazzled Americans when they arrived in the United States. This little world tour raised the painter's profile in the 20th century and put his paintings side by side with those of Auguste Chabaud and René Seyssaud.

Pierre Cornu: fascinated of feminist painting

Cornu experienced financial difficulties that forced him to immigrate to Morocco. Of course, this problem did not discourage him, on the contrary, it animated his passion for painting and women. The painter of the 20th century women took the opportunity to give his paintings even more charisma and reinforce his achievements. Cornu's passion for women since he was 20 years old is the essence of his inspiration. Most of his paintings are of women in all their aspects. He is a true hedonist of women who expresses his emotions and appreciation in his paintings. His trip to Morocco forced him to paint landscapes, but this further strengthened his painting skills. Back in front of the female models, Pierre Cornu is most successful with his enthusiasm and fascination.
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